Fatima Vegetable Oil Ltd

Fatima Vegetable Oil Ltd started its business as part of Salva Group in 19– and started manufacturing Salva Oil and Salva Vanaspati incorporating a team of highly qualified professional and dedicated personnel. This unit started manufacturing of high quality products of international standards. Today Salva Group possess diversified businesses dealing in Refined edible oils, Writing Papers manufacturing, Poultry and animal Feeds Manufacturing, Polished and Parboiled Rice, Hatchery & egg laying birds husbandry, Black leaf Tea and Real Estate Business. Salva Group has not only introduced modern technologies in Pakistan but has also promoted corporate governance in harmony with the country’s cultural environment, thus providing a sense of participation at every level – from the grass roots to the top. 

Realizing its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, the Industry has been playing a role in promoting the life style and contributing to health facilities as Fazal Din Trust Hospital , where treatments of people below the  is provided free of charge. It is playing its role in improving the quality of life with the commitment that has come from the society should be shared with the society.
The growth of Salva Group is the result of its focus on good Corporate Governance. We guarantee to our Customers, the highest quality standards in all aspects during the manufacturing of the products. In order to achieve that, we have implemented and maintained the following:
We have extensive in-process and finished-product quality checks. We rigorously inspect incoming raw materials and components to ensure their full traceability and optimum standards of quality. We have highly experienced quality control and quality assurance staff.

ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001 compliant. As a result of this certification, there is increased involvement of our top management with regards to the Quality Management System. Top Management is engaged for the setting of the Quality Policy and Quality Goals and Objectives. Management is involved in reviewing the data from the QMS, and taking actions to make sure that Quality Goals are being met, new Goals are being set, and continual improvement is being achieved. 


We have strong belief that in order to prosper, we need to ensure prosperity of all those communities to which we serve and in which we operate. For us, corporate sustainability goes beyond the boundaries of reporting, compliance or going green and its essence is to build a profitable, conscientious and responsible corporation of the future. 

We believe that healthy business performance is linked with healthy populations & healthy economies that is why our corporate philosophy encompasses the respect of human rights, discouraging un-ethical practices, and makes sure that it caters to all health, safety & environment (HSE) related issues.


Since the day of company foundation, we are investing strongly in highly competitive technology and operational capacities; as a result we have up-to-date manufacturing facilities, and comprehensive quality assurance capabilities. One of our “golden principles” is that profits should be reinvested in latest technology to enable ourselves to deliver highest quality products. Research and development is the key of our business and is backed by a fully equipped laboratory and highly experienced professionals.